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Safety Syringe, three-component, LuerLock


The safety syringe from MedicTinedic ApS provides patients as well as personal with an increased level of security and insures correct medical procedures.

The patented pullout system ensures the needle is fixated within the needle after usage. This drastically reduces the risk of accidental needle stick injuries with the subsequent anxiety, examinations and possible leave of absence.

The safety syringe can be delivered as an end-user product with the needle already attached or as a syringe without needle for customized options. The patented system is perfectly functional with all types of needles.

•  Datasheet
•  Basic instruction of usage
•  User guide with high resolution pictures

Item ID Style Package Remarks
a1029 2-3 ml, 5-6 ml, 10-12 ml (18-27G) 100 pcs. pr. box  

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a1029 Please contact us Please contact us